React JS Course | React Js Learning Path

Here is the list of React Js blogs which you can practice step by step and you will become a good react js developer.

  1. What is React js and how JSX works in react js
  2. How to pass data to child component in react js
  3. How to import IMAGES and ICONS in react js application ?
  4. How to add Tailwind css in React JS application ?
  5. Passing Events from parent to child component in React JS
  6. Display HTML element outside of the root element in React Js | What is portal in React Js and how to use it
  7. How to use useRef() in React JS
  8. How to use React Router 6, React Link, and nested Links?
  9. How to use Style Module in React JS
  10. What is the useState() hooks in React JS
  11. Creating React JS App without using npx create-react-app command
  12. What is useReducer Hook? What is the difference between useState and useReducer Hooks?
  13. What is useEffect Hook? How to Fetch data from API using useEffect
  14. What is Redux? What is action, reducer and store in Redux

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