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Server Articles

The Power of Axios in React 18: How Axios Simplifying HTTP Requests and Data Handling

Axios is a JavaScript library that we use to send HTTP requests from browsers or Node.js. We can handle these requests more conveniently using Axios as compared…

Difference between Multithread and single thread or event driven model

Multi thread model Request with listener worker thread | lock application. Using incoming request model. Multi threaded server might block the request which might involve multiple events….

What is Single thread model used in node js and how its eliminates the limitation of multi thread model

Node Js is event driven, handing all the request asynchronously from single thread. Almost no function  in node directly performs I/O, so the process never blocks. So…

What is Multi thread model and what are the limitations ?

In a Multi thread model the server assign incoming requests to a new thread similar as a client server architecture, the user generate a request by interaction…