Angular vs React js

What is the difference between Angular & React JS, Which one you should choose? | Angular 13 vs React JS full which one is better? Let’s compare

Angular & React JS both are used for Frontend Development, To make Single page applications or Web Apps. Here is a quick difference between both. Be a…

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How to use React Router 6, React Link, and nested Links?

Routing from one page to another page on a web application is a very common feature, it helps users to navigate from one page to another page….

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Passing Events from parent to child component in React JS

In this blog post we have two components App component and Button component, you can create components with any name you want. For this example we are…

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How to pass data to child component in react js

In this blog post we will describe how you can pass some data from one component to another component or parent component to child component. Lest create…

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What is React js and how JSX works in react js

React Basic : React js is a library and it is used to develop single page applications. React js is a front-end technology and it is completely…