What is the difference between Angular & React JS, Which one you should choose?

Angular & React JS both are use for Frontend Development, To make Single page applications or Web Apps. Here is a quick difference between both of them. Be a part of our team and tell us in comment if you know apart from these differences.

AngularReact JS
Based on TypeScriptBased on JavaScript
Angular JS Originally Developed by Misko Hevery in 2009Originally Developed by Jordan Walke in 2013
Developed and Maintained by GoogleDeveloped and Maintained by Facebook
Optimized with Change Detection with Real DOMOptimized with Virtual DOM
Use Material design library – Angular MaterialExternal Material UI Library
Full Fledged MVVC FrameworkRequired Flux for Implementing Architecture, or you can use Recoil, Jotai, XState, Redux, Zustand etc.
Two way Data Binding one way Data Binding
UI rendering on client and server sideUI rendering on client and server side
High PerformanceHigh Performance
UI rendering with JavaScript & HTML Templating engineUI rendering with JavaScript & JSX
Fully Supported Dependency InjectionNot Supported Dependency Injection, React supports es modules, es modules have context and state, hence can be easily be used for DI.
DOM used in Angular is RealReact uses Virtual DOM with Real DOM
Hot Reloading with webpackReact Fast Refresh
Holistic Software DevelopmentOnly UI Development
Angular CLI Create React App (CLI)
 Heavily influenced by oops concepts and patterns, classes, DI etc.Heavily influenced by functional programming principles
Angular Universal for Server Side RenderingNext.js Framework for Server Side Rendering
NgRx & Reactive Programming for State ManagementRxJS for State Management
Testing with Jasmin, Karma & ProtectorTesting With Jest, Enzyme & React-Unit
Top Companies Using Angular are Google, PayPal, Upwork, IBM, Freelancer etc.Top Companies Using Angular are Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Netflix etc.

Which one we should Choose React Js or angular?

If you want to develop enterprise level application then you should go for Angular.

If you want to develop Highly interactive applications like Instagram then you should go for React JS.

React is Light Weight compare to Angular but Angular is a framework and react is a library so both are good at their levels.

Angular follows MVVC, dependency Injection pattern, so the application you are going to develop will be more structured and will be easily manageable by default. On the other hand React follows free to do anyway you want policy, so you can develop application however you want.

If you like React JS and you want to learn it we have a complete course on React JS, a list of articles that can help you to learn react in details. Click Here to check our React JS Course.

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If you need a app with multiple events, more clicks, more scroll like Instagram and fakebook , then go for React JS.

If you want to build application like Freelancer, Firebase, then go for Angular.

If you have experience in C++, Java then choose Angular

If you have experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript then choose React JS.

It doesn’t mean you can not choose React if you know C++ or Java, Its just you will find it easy to understand.

I think that is enough to get a understanding of both.

Choose According to your taste. If you are fresher go for React, if you have a bit knowledge of programming go for Angular.

If you like this blog please share with your friends, and if you have any suggestion please comment and let us know.

Thankyou, Happy Coding 🙂

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