usestate vs usereducer

What is useReducer Hook? What is the important difference between useState and useReducer Hooks? | React JS 18, useReducer vs useState, explain in detail

useReudcer hook takes the current state and returns a new state, it is used for state management. With useReducer, we can directly call the function inside the…

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Creating React JS App without using npx create-react-app command

It’s easy to create a react application by just running npx create-react-app project_name command, do you know what are the basic requirements for creating a react application…

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What is the useState() hooks in React JS | How to use useState() hook in React JS

Hooks are very important in react js and the most common hook is the useState Hook. In this blog, we will look into the functionality of this…

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How to use Style Module in React JS

This blog going to be the shortest one, because this is an easy topic but very important. So I decided to write a blog on this. Basically…

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How to use React Router 6, React Link, and nested Links?

Routing from one page to another page on a web application is a very common feature, it helps users to navigate from one page to another page….

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How to use useRef() in React JS

Whenever we want to access data of input elements we use useState() hook to get input forms values or some other hooks, and this basically helps to…

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Display HTML element outside of the root element in React Js 18 | What is React js portal and how to use it and why it is important

In this blog post, I will explain the react portal, you must be thinking about what this react js portal is, well react portal we use to…

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Passing Events from parent to child component in React JS

In this blog post we have two components App component and Button component, you can create components with any name you want. For this example we are…

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How to add Tailwind css in React JS application ?

Tailwind CSS is a utility first CSS framework, It can be composed to build any design. Create react app doesn’t support post CSS8 yet, so you need…

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How to import IMAGES and ICONS in react js application ?

For every web application, image and icons are major part of application. In react js importing images and icons are little different compared to other libraries and…